Marble Flooring Dorset

There are few things that match the natural appeal, aesthetic uniqueness and the practical advantage of a gorgeous marble flooring. At Simali Stone Ltd., we supply and install marble flooring for customers throughout Dorset and the surrounding area. As versatile a material as marble is, there’s plenty of room to find the floor that works just for you. With over 20 years supplying and fitting, we can make it all the easier to find your perfect match.

Why choose marble flooring?
Natural flooring, such as marble, has a very specific appeal that many homeowners simply find unbeatable. But marble flooring has a few of its own specific benefits, too. For one, it’s incredibly durable. So long as you take care as required and polish it regularly, it maintains its lustre for much longer than most other flooring options, being incredibly durable and lasting for ages. What’s more, while some types of marble are softer than others, they are all highly scratch resistant and, being a heavy stone, they can take heavier loads without any cracks of signs of stress. Marble floors can be more cost-effective than other types, too. If a tile is cracked or chipped, you only have to replace the single tile as opposed to the whole floor.

A wide selection of options
While pure marble is naturally white, it’s well known for being able to comprise a huge variety of swirling colours, expressive patterns, and distinct overall aesthetics. That wide variety of mottling, clouds, swirls, shading, streaks, and other visual touches is thanks to the accessory minerals that were once in the materials that eventually become the marble. As a result, every cut of marble is unique, and our stocks are constantly updating to reflect that. You can take a look at our picture gallery to see some of the kinds of marble we’ve fitted before or come into the showroom to take a closer look at the stock we have at any moment.

The Simali service
At Simali, we know that providing marble flooring for Dorset customers is only part of what we do. Our approach to customer service plays just as big a role in why customers choose and refer us. Whether you already know what you want, or you could use some help deciding, you can feel free to call us anytime. Besides visiting our showroom, we can also visit any home or site to get a better look at the location and how much flooring you need to offer more accurate advice and estimates. We take care of not just the supply but the whole installation process. There are no middlemen to slow the process down, we take care of everything from beginning to end.

If you’re looking for marble flooring in Dorset, get in touch with Simali Stone Ltd. at 01747 852557, email us at, or reach us through our social media channels. We’re glad to help you with natural stone home improvements of all kinds, not just marble and not just flooring, either.