Stonemasons Shaftsbury

At Simali Stone, we’re proud to be one of the leading stonemasons in Shaftsbury. Our company was built upon the idea that quality is essential when anyone is buying natural stone or paying for stonemason services. As such, we treat each customer as an individual case, so we can find the best and highest quality solutions for you. Regardless of the specific service you’re after, you won’t find a better stonemason than us!
A Supply & Fitting Service Like No Other
When our company was established, we quickly realised that so many people were being ripped off when buying stone products. They’d get a specific type of stone that wasn’t the best fit, and they’d end up getting it fitted by people who weren’t professionals.

So, we offer a supply and fitting service like no other. You get 100% honest advice from experts who’ve worked in the stonemason industry for decades. We know the best stone for different applications, and we will supply you with the very best products. Not only that, but we fit the stone for you as well. This prevents the need to find a supplier and fitter - which can be both expensive and stressful - meaning the whole process is handled in one simple package.

Everything goes through us, and this ensures we keep good on our promise to only provide the highest quality service.
Enjoy The Durability & Beauty Of Natural Stone
In the last few years, there’s been a return to natural stone flooring - as well as other stone applications. You will upgrade your home when you choose from our range of exceptional stone options. Whether you want a new patio outside, a stunning floor for your kitchen, or even a stone wall; we’ll handle it for you.

The best thing about stone is that it’s so incredibly durable. You get exceptional value for money as you’re buying something that will last for decades. Plus, when we fit it, you get added confidence that it will be laid down properly, increasing the lifespan even more. When you also throw the sheer beauty of natural stone into the mix, it’s a wonder why you wouldn’t want it in your home!
Why Choose Us?
We have so much experience in this industry, and we’re setting the standards for all stonemasons in Shaftsbury. Our unbeatable quality and excellent customer service put us above everyone else. If that’s not enough, then we also handle a full plethora of natural stone, including limestone, terracotta, slate, marble, granite - the list is endless. As such, you have so much variety when it comes to choosing the stone you want in your home. Plus, we’re stone flooring experts, but we also handle any of your stone requirements as well.
Contact Us Today
If you’re looking for the best stonemasons in Shaftsbury, then please contact us today. Give our team a call - or pop down to our showroom to see our beautiful stone products on display. We’ll chat with you about your different requirements and advise you on the best options to choose from.